Robot Commander

Getting started...

Enable the skill at this link.
Then say... "Alexa, open Robot Commander"

The Game

You are the Robot Commander. Take charge and save your fleet!

100 Robots are depending on you! Dr. Snot Bomb has trapped them in a maze of dangers.

Sure, they are not smart. Sure, they have no feelings. But, you'd rather have more of them than not! Right!?

As Robot Commander - get your robots to freedom through the traps your nemesis Dr. Snot Bomb created. There is only one path through the maze, and only your memory to serve you. Its a grid-based game where the field is 10 squares wide, and each level gets deeper and more treacherous.

One wrong turn, boom... another robot bites the dust.

Lucky you have 100 of them, and they can make tools.

To start, just say "Alexa, launch Robot Commander" or "Alexa, open Robot Commander".

At anytime, you can stop by saying "Alexa, stop".

Guide your robots by saying "go left", "go right", or "go forward". The robots are very simple, so they can't go backward.


Tools are created by your robots. When you leave the game, they work around the clock to make equipment.

Tools save lives.

The next time you start, check your inventory.

If you have a tool, use it by saying "use tool on the left", "use tool on the right", or "use tool to the front". To see what tools you have say, "inventory"!


Restart the game by saying "restart" or "new game".

Good luck Commander - the fleet is depending one you!

There is a secret skill... "Are you Dr. Snot Bomb?"

The Board

Below is a board helper.

It will update after each command to allow you to follow your robot's progress.

To use it:


To connect to your Alexa game, ask Robot Commander for your Commander ID: "Alexa, Ask Robot Commander for my ID"

Your Robot Commander ID:
Help!!! I can't figure it out. Show the path!!! (This is a cheat):

Robot Commander has an API...

Get more details on using your PI as a Robot Commander here:

Robot Commander on Github


We're in BETA - and we need your help...

Tell us what worked, didn't work, or was something you expected RobotCommander to handle.